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PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 (Beta) 2021 Free Download for Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei.....

PhoenixTeam V1.0 is a Software for windows computer which allow to Remove Frp Lock, Remove Screen Lock, Remove Pattern, Enable Diag, Install Drivers.

Download PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 (Beta) Latest Version 2021 

Hello friends, in this post I am going to share PhoenixTeam Tool V1.0 Download Free. You can download and use this tool for free. This tool has been completely free and have no problem in working. You can get this unique tool from the official link shared below.

Download PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 latest version full setup installer for Windows PC. PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 is a small Windows utility tool that allows you to perform several tasks on your android devices. You can remove Lockscreen, Remove FRP, Root Check and reboot your device in Bootloader & recovery mode. Download link for PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 is given at the bottom of this page. if you want to download it, then follow the link at the bottom. 
PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 (Beta)  2021
PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0

PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 Features

In Tools Section

Android (ADB)

  1. Read Info
  2. Root Checker
  3. Reboot To Recovery
  4. Reboot To Bootloader
  5. Reboot
  6. Reboot To Fastboot
  7. Add Arabic Language
  8. Add Turkish Language
  9. Install Language Application
  10. Take Screenshot
  11. Remove LockScreen (MTK)
  12. Remove LockScreen (Delete SystemUI)

Android (Install APK)

  1. Install APK
  2. Install Magisk Manager

Android (Sideload)

  1. Install ZIP Sideload

Samsung (ADB)

  1. Read info
  2. Reboot to Download Mode
  3. Reboot To Recovery
  4. Power OFF
  5. Reboot
  6. Reset FRP
  7. Hide Developer Options
  8. Remove Security Notice
  9. Enable Hidden Languages (All Languages)
  10. Enable Data Icon
  11. Enable Samsung DIAG

Samsung (Lock Screen)


  • Remove LockScreen (Need Root 4.0 to 6.0.1) Method 1
  • Remove LockScreen (Need Root 6.0.1+) Method 2
  • Remove LockScreen Without Root (Delete Remove System Ui)


  • Remove Lockscreen Sideload (FRP OFF) (4.0 to 6.0.1)
  • Remove Lockscreen Sideload By System Ui (FRP OFF) (6.0.1+)

Samsung (RMM)

  • Remove RMM

Qualcomm (Enable DIAG (Root)

  • Enable DIAG ADB
  • Enable Samsung DIAG
  • Enable Xiaomi DIAG Method 1

Huawei (ADB)

  • Read Info
  • Reboot To Fastboot
  • Reboot
  • Reset FRP
  • Remove Demo Mode (No Root)
  • Hide Developer Options
  • Enable Hidden Languages (All Languages)

Huawei (Fastboot)

  • Read Info

In Download Section

Samsung (MROOT)

  • A Series
  • G Series
  • J Series
  • N Series

Root APP

  • IRoot

In Drivers Section

  • Download Samsung Drivers
  • Download Huawei Drivers
  • Download Qualcomm Drivers
  • Download Lenovo Drivers
  • Download Amazon Drivers
  • Download ASUS Drivers
  • Download OPPO Drivers
  • Download HTC Drivers
  • Download MEIZU Drivers
  • Download Sharp Drivers
  • Download LG Drivers
  • Download Intel Drivers
  • Download ZTE Drivers
  • Download SPD Drivers
  • Download VIVO Drivers


So these are the cool feature of PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0. To Download PhoenixTeam Tool v1.0 latest version, just one click from your mouse on the download link below. Its completely free. Download & Enjoy….

Download PhonenixTeam Tool v1.0 Latest

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