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Download YGDP Flash Tool Latest version 2021 For PC

YGDP flash tool  comes in the form of a Windows utility tool. YGDP flash tool lets you to flash stock firmware on your smartphones or tablets.

Mobile Technology for Modern life

Hi visitors, In this era of modern and sophisticated technology, mobile phone has become necessary part of our lives, no matter of gender, everyone is using this gadget to communicate with his or her near and dears in their routine lives. Since we all know that this gadget works on different operating systems depending on the brand and model. In its operation, the operating system becomes corrupted sometime by unknown reasons and we have to refresh or reboot our mobile with a latest or updated version of the same operating system installed already in our mobiles.

YGDP Flash Tool
YGDP Flash Tool

Here in this post, I am going to explore about how you can flash your smart android gadget having .cpb files. So stick on here and don't rush here and there around and read the complete article carefully. 
I have given the link at the end of this post. Read the post very carefully before downloading the app and then tap the download button get YGDP tool to flash your mobile phones having .cpb files.

How to flash Smartphones with CPB Stock Files??

  1. Download YGDP flash tool from the link shared below and install it on your PC. Proper MTP drivers should be installed on your computer for smooth communication with your mobile phone.
  2. If you have downloaded the driver and don't know how to install that YGDP flash tool follow me.
  3. In the downloaded folder, you will find the YGDP assembly.ext file which is the setup file. Double click on the file and follow the instructions. There will be normal installation like you other software or drivers. 
  4. After installing YGDP, it will ask you to provide the login code, put 369 or 9527 and login to your software. 
  5. A new screen will appear there and you should see the configuration button on the left hand side near the view and file option in that screen.
  6. Now, you need to upload those CPB firmware files, on those browsing Windows, remember where you have saved those files on your computer and select those files to upload in the given option.
  1. Remember, up till now, you havn't connected your computer with your mobile, don't do this, I shall tell you when there will be a need to connect the mobile phone with computer. 
  2. Next, apply the button
  3. Now, connect your mobile phone with your computer, check the charge of your phone's battery while connecting your mobile with your PC.
  4. Start the option of flashing by clicking the flashing button 
  5. Within some minutes, you will see that your mobile has been flashed successfully with the stock firmware files.
  6. The option of mobile phone has installed the stock firmware successfully there 

Built-in- Features of YGDP flashTool

  • You can use this tool to install stock firmware files on all android phones provided having CPB file types. 
  • This tool is compatible with all the Windows versions and it will not work with mac or linux
  • It will work fine for the pre resources files
  • By using YGDP tool, you can find the basic info of your phone; hardware/software info, brand and model etc.
  • You should remember the password to login to your account.


If you wish to have this tool in your buckets of tools, then follow the link, tap the download link shared below and download YGDP flash tool. It is hoped that the link will work fine but if the link shows errors, expired or takes more time to download, then contact us via your comments in comments section. Your feedback would highly be appreciated and regarded and our technical team would resolve the issue on the basis of your feedback as soon as possible.

Download: YGDP Flash Tool V5.00 ZIP Latest

Download: YGDP Flash Tool V4.06 ZIP

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