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iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks 2018 Must to know

Download iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks 2018 Must to know. Secret words or codes are the shortest ways words to get required informations.


iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks

iPhone Secret Codes are well known in mobile market and every mobile brand manufacturer invents specific codes or words for the specific brand. In case of android smartphones, by using these secret codes we can get different informations depending upon our requirement and need. A specific word or code of one mobile brand can not be used for another brand, but some codes are common among all mobile brands.

You should know at least some common secret codes so that, at any time if you need some information then you could use these secret codes to get your information. I would like to share my own experience with you about using of secret code on my mobile. 
Recently, the Government announced that the telecommunication authority is going to validate the android mobile phones by imei number. With the announcement, the authority mentioned that for acquiring the imei number, the mobile users can use secret code.
I didn't know the code and I wondered hare and there asking my colleagues about the secret code. After consulting with many friends, at last, one colleague told me the secret code and I did the job asked by the telecommunication authority. 

iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks
dAd captioniPhone Secret Codes 
To make ease the life of our valuable visitors and saving their precious time, in my this post, I have collected the best 10 iPhone secret/codes 2018. These codes are very useful to iPhone android users to make their life ease and by using these codes, the can save their hard time.
These secret dialer codes are also known as short codes, pound codes. The list of iPhone secret codes is given below.
Function                                Code
Enter field test mode            *3001#12345#*
To check imei number 
from your iPhone                  *#06#
Make anonymous calls
 from your iPhone                  *67XXXXXXXXXX
Show your number on 
caller ID                                  *82XXXXXXXXXX
Call director assistance           411
Call customer service           611                     (*611 also   works on Verizon wireless)
Get local traffic info                 511
View your data usage              *3282#
See where your text 
messages GO                          *#5005*7672# 
Give yourself a unique 
name to call                             **63 aka**me
To call emergency services      112 


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