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WhatsApp Latest Version V 2.18.8 for Windows PC, Laptop & Mac Download

WhatsApp Latest Version V 2.18.8 for Windows PC, Laptop & Mac  Download. WhatsApp is a strong social media source to connect people around the globe.


What is a WhatsApp?

Hi guys! All android smart phone users use WhatsApp to remain in touch with their friends and loved ones. Today, in my this page, I would like to explain briefly about Whatsapp. Friends! WhatsApp is a free to download messenger application for smart phones. This application uses internet facility to send massages, images, audios and videos and other documents after taking snaps through mobile camera. Check Also: Lucky Patcher For Windows PC
This service resembles to text massaging services, but however, since, WhatsApp uses internet to send massages, the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less than texting. This social media forum is popular among teenagers because of its built-in-features like group chatting, voice massages and location sharing etc. 
The ownership of WhatsApp is with Facebook and this amazing application has now more than 1 Billion users worldwide. 
It is the biggest online messenger in social media market. It was founded in 2009 by ex-Yahoo employees and it started as a small start up and swelled to 250,000 users in just a few months.
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WhatsApp Latest Version V 2.18.8
WhatsApp Latest Version V 2.18.8
It grew so fast that they had to add a charge for using the service per year to slow the subscription rate down. In 2014, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook and has seen continued growth reaching the 1 billion mark in July 2017. 
This was a little description about WhatsApp and now come to the point of discussion about this unique application. You can also download whatsApp for PC or laptop and Mac operating system. By using this application, you can share text massages, make voice and video calls to anyone in your contacts for completely free. You can post a story of your routine life and you can express how your days are going on. 
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It totally depends upon you that what kind of stuff you want to share using WhatsApp. You can share texts, images and videos in your story. The latest version of WhatsApp enables you to do everything like sharing of photos, videos, documents and other large files very easily and without any charges. 
The latest good news from WhatsApp developers is that, WhatsApp  is now available for Windows PC Mac computers. Now, you can enjoy WhatsApp socializing on your computer. You can get the latest version of WhatsApp from the Official link shared below by just clicking on the download button.
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Advanced communication applications have made it utterly easy for the android users to communicate with each other through this social media forum through messengers of various kinds. All the messenger applications provide pretty good communication and sharing services and all those have their particular shares in advancing.
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WhatsApp is one of those kinds that came and shined enough to mark an era of sharing. WhatsApp messenger has all the best features that can fulfill your daily needs. As far as the distance is concerned, WhatsApp has made it clearly less throughout the globe with all its audio and video calls along with multimedia sharing. 
There are countless benefits of this amazing tool, WhatsApp, it has numerous features  due to which its users love it. Count the photo sharing as one of them. It keeps updating itself until it hits perfection. Be the next is text massages, voice notes, videos, documents or anything that needs to be shared, whatsApp will do the task with sheer perfection and efficiency. 
Also, the new added features are snap stories and temporary snaps with specific timing. The new feature seems to be working well with people as there are so many who heartedly use it. Summing up the discussion, WhatsApp has all the features to meet your timely and untimely demands. 
As highlighted above, the good news is that now you can use WhatsApp messenger on your PC. This feature makes things more convenient and reliable while you are working. You can use WhatsApp with all the same features as your smartphone ones. 
You can share photos, voice massages, videos and documents. You may have to provide permission for some of the features like the microphone. You can allow notifications on your disktop and minimize it to work on other Windows. 
In this way convenience comes extra handy. The WhatsApp lovers installed this app and love it all the way. It has thousands of downloads and thousands are about to join it soon.
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It is up to you to join the squad as soon as possible. Download WhatsApp file for your PC from the authentic official link shared below. Follow the simple starting steps that lead to the best ever WhatsApp interface for your computer. Download the file and stay reliable all the way.  

Download  Whatsapp for Windows PC

Download Whatsapp for Windows 32 Bit

Download Whatsapp for Windows 64 Bit

Download Whatsapp for Mac

Download Whatsapp for Mac

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