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Download Micromax Stock ROM (Firmware) For All Models

Here you can download Micromax Stock ROM firmware for all models. Micromax Informatics provides all the firmware files given here for completely free.

Download Micromax Stock ROM

Android smart phones are machines and they work by installing their operating systems. Some times, by any reason, the operating system disturbs and your mobile does not do the work as you want like; it hangs for some time and then starts work, some times, your smartphone's camera does not respond and you are not able to take a snap of a scenery, you have to have reboot your mobile and then take a snap, some time your mobile shows low memory space even there is alot of memory space or your phone is showing some unexpected boots. What it means to you? You should understand that your phone's ROM has been corrupted and you need to update your phone's ROM with stock files.

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Micromax Stock ROM

Micromax Stock ROM

If you have Micromax smartphone and you are trying to download the stock ROM, then you have reached at the right place. You can download the Micromax stock ROM file from the download links shared below.
The only task for you to do is tap the download link button and get you file for your smartphone. May our visitors know that there are two types of firmware files' one is called stock ROM and the other is called custom ROM. 
Now, it depends upon the user what type of file he or she requires for his smartphone. It also depends upon the  unknown issues and problems you are getting facing with your mobile.  Don't be confused, I shall try my best to ease your confusion regarding using of firmware files for your smartphone. 
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  • If you want to install the official new updated version of your smartphone's operating system, then you should download the stock ROM and 
  • If you are trying to install third party ROM to explore the new features, then you should download the custom ROM.
After selection of firmware file for your smartphone, the another journey of downloading and installing of ROM file starts. First, if you have not downloaded the ROM files, then download it from the link shared below. Secondly, if you have not enabled the USB debugging of your phone, then enable it and thirdly, install the USB drivers for the device you are using on your personnel computer, otherwise, your computer might not detect your phone and your flushing will be incomplete. 

If you have already downloaded the ROM files, then download a flashing tool , there are dozens of the  tools which can help you flashing of your phone, SP tool is one of the top rated and highest appreciated tools. You should download this tool from this website, install it on your computer, and then start the flashing procedure which is explained briefly in the following lines; 
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  • Turn OFF your phone and remove the battery.
  • connect you phone with the computer in which you have already installed the SP flash tool and all the setup
  • Now, Turn ON the phone by pressing download mode, you can get into download mode by pressing volume  key, home key and power key.
  • When download modes enabled, then tap the flash button mentioned in your computer. 
  • When you press the flash button, it will take to the files, where you have downloaded the files.
  • This will load those files to install them on your device. 
  • Within ten minutes, you will see the finishing screen: you will be able to see the launch screen of your phone. 
  • This mean that you have successfully installed a new operating system on your phone, a stock ROM has been updated and you can enjoy it, with latest features and functionality.
  • All the bugs and errors which were hurting your phone will be gone.   
  • You will get a fresh copy of software.
  • The stock ROM files which are uploaded on this website are official.


Download Micromax stock rom from the link shared below. We have already shared the download link. Tap the download link button and get Download Micromax Stock ROM  (Firmware) For All Models . If the link is not working and showing any type of errors, comment down in comment section. 

Download Micromax Stock ROM For All Models

Select your model and click on the download link to download firmware.

 Model NameDownload  CountryAndroid Version
Micromax A064DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A066DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A065DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A068DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A067DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A075DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.3
Micromax A069DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A089DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A082DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A092DownloadAllAndroid 4.3
Micromax A091DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A096DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A093DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A25DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A27DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A30DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3
Micromax A28DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A35DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A37DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A36DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A40DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.5
Micromax A37BDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A45DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3
Micromax A44DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A47DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2
Micromax A46DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A51DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.7
Micromax A50DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A54DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3
Micromax A52DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3
Micromax A56DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.5
Micromax A55DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.2
Micromax A58DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2
Micromax A57DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.5
Micromax A60DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.1
Micromax A59DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax A62DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.5
Micromax A61DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax A65DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.5
Micromax A63DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A66DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax A68DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.3
Micromax A71DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax A70DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.2
Micromax A73DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3
Micromax A72DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A75DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.5
Micromax A74DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A77DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A76DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A79DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A78DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3
Micromax A84DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.6
Micromax A80DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.4
Micromax A86DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax A85DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3
Micromax A88DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A87DownloadIndiaAndroid 2.3.5
Micromax A90DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A89DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A91DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A90SDownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A93DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A92DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1.2
Micromax A96DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A94DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A100DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.4
Micromax A99DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A101DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.4
Micromax A105DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A107DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A106DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A109DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A108DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A110QDownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.1
Micromax A110DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1.2
Micromax A113DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1.2
Micromax A111DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1.2
Micromax A114RDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A114DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A116DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.1
Micromax A115DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1.2
Micromax A117DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A116iDownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.1
Micromax A119DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A118RDownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A121DownloadAllAndroid 4.3
Micromax A120DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A190DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A177DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A210DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A200DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax A250DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.1
Micromax A240DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.1
Micromax A290DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A255DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.1
Micromax A310DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A300DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A315DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A311DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A350DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax A316DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax AD4500DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax AE90DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax AQ5001DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax AQ4502DownloadAllAndroid 5.1
Micromax D321DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax D200DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax EG111DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax E311DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax MT500DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax EG116DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax P255DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax P250DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.3
Micromax P275DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax P256DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.4
Micromax P300DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.3
Micromax P280DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax P350DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.3
Micromax P310DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1.2
Micromax P362DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax P360DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.4
Micromax P410DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1
Micromax P365DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax P470DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax P410iDownloadIndiaAndroid 4.1.2
Micromax P500DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.3
Micromax P480DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax P560DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.4
Micromax P550DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2
Micromax P600DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.4
Micromax P580DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.2
Micromax P650eDownloadIndiaAndroid 4.0.4
Micromax P650DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.2.1
Micromax P70221DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax P666DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax Q335DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax Q324DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax Q371DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax Q355DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax Q375DownloadIndiaAndroid 5
Micromax Q372DownloadIndiaAndroid 5
Micromax S300DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax Q380DownloadIndiaAndroid 4.4.2
Micromax W121DownloadIndiaMicrosoft Windows Phone 8.1

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