Thursday, 14 December 2017

Download Free Android Dump Tool- Android ROM Dumper Version v 1.3.5

Hi visitors, the topic which I am going explain here today will certainly help you and enhance your knowledge experience about exploring of your android phones. This is a very interesting subject and it is hoped that you will thoroughly read the topic so that you would be able to build a knowledge and create an image of stock ROM firmware files of any android smart phone.
By studying the post you would also be able to collect all those files into a single file so that those firmware files could easily be installed in your mobile phone by using Odin  downloader. For this purpose, you can download android dump tool from the official download link shared below and then install it on your computer so that an image or copy of same firmware files could be created which your are interested to install on your android smart phone.

Why the latest Firmware files with latest features?

Most of us want to use latest and updated firmware with latest features on our mobiles. Some mobile users go through the whole process of downloading and installing the latest firmware files  into their mobiles just to get the latest features in their mobiles ever their mobile's firmware is working properly. 
Sometimes, you observe some stock firmware files on a friend's mobile and you love the features of that phone, you want to install those files into your android smart phone, but you don't find any official link to download those files. 
In such a situation, it is the better way to fetch those firmware files and install them on your mobile phone with the help of Odin software.

How to use android dump tool?

First of all;

  • Download the tool from the official download link shared below. At this stage you can see the link because you are at the mid point of this page. Scroll down the page and then you will be able to see the link. 
  • Install this tool on your mobile phone.
  • Connect the other phone in which you want to copy this tool.
  • After connecting the other phone of interest, open the tool and click on the image and at the same time, click on the Read Data Option icon. 
  • When the reading of the files is completed, click on "make a Samsung ROM", at the same time, the phone will ask you to provide the file name and its location. Provide the name and destination of file and click on the dump file option.
  • After putting file name and its location, your mobile will start to create this image of Samsung mobile phone ROM.
  • When file creating process is completed, download the Odin software 
  • By using Odin software you will be able to install those created ROM files into your mobile phone.
  • Install those ROM files on your mobile phone ROM, install those stock ROM files, 
  • Now you can have the same features and functioned mobile phone.
For your data safety, it is suggested you to take a backup of your important mobile data before installing these firmware files on your android smart phone, otherwise any wrong step would lead you to a dead or bricked phone. By using this magic tool, you can check whether your phone has been rooted correctly or not. These is free tool to download and you don't need to pay anything for the services, Install this unique, updated and latest tool on your mobile phone freely and without any payment. 
Follow all the steps as mentioned above and do these steps very carefully otherwise, we will not responsible for any wrong step and no burden would be upon our shoulders. 
Reset your mobile phone and via ADB and lots more. You can also check the root status with the help of android dump tool. 
To get this amazing and magic tool, the main task for you is to just tap the download link shared below and get the latest and updated version of Android Dump Tool- Android ROM Dumper Version v 1.3.5. In case the download link is not working or showing any errors, please contact us through your feedback in the comments section. Your comments would highly be appreciated and regarded. 

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